Sogyal Rinpoche in The Universal Process chapter 21 of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

The Energy of Delight

Each individual act and manifestation of creativity, whether it is in music, art, or poetry...arises from a mysterious ground of inspiration and is mediated into form by a translating and communicating energy.

I think of a great work of art as like a moon shining in the night sky; it illuminates the world, yet its light is not its own but borrowed from the hidden sun of the absolute. Art has helped many toward glimpsing the nature of spirituality. Is one of the reasons for the limitations of much of modern art, however, the loss of this knowledge of art's unseen sacred origin and its sacred purpose: to give people a vision of their true nature and their place in the universe, and to restore to them, endlessly afresh, the value and meaning of life, and its infinite possibilities? Is the real meaning of the inspired artistic expression, then, that it is akin to the field of the Sambhogakaya, that dimension of ceaseless, luminous, blissful energy, which Rilke calls “the winged energy of delight”, that radiance which transmits, translates and communicates the purity and infinite meaning of the absolute to the finite and the relative...